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-1John Tomberlin Sociology 001 The McIntosh and Perea articles address the issue of White Privilege. They see whites as being necessarily inclined to greater progress under our countries hidden systems of racial prejudice. Another claim in these articles is that whites, in general, are far and away entirely ignorant of their inherent advantages in our society. Both writers are enamored with the conflict theories of sociology and go rather far in their assertion that whites should give up some of their privilege to create a true egalitarian society. Society is structured in a way to pull white people into the upper echelons of its stratified system, by the “bootstraps” as it were. This is a result of the long in place presence of white power, white power as the dominant force in shaping our society. Since America’s inception political representation, the most visible and dynamic estimate of power, has been almost entirely by white Europeans. Of course, at one time this was close to being an accurately proportional representation of our countries population. Now
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