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Maher - John Tomberlin Law and Society 100 Case Name and...

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John Tomberlin Law and Society 100 Case Name and Roles: Maher v. People Appellant: Mr. Maher Injured Party: Mr. Hunt Procedural Background: Mr. Maher was arrested and charged with the assault with intent to kill Mr. Hunt Facts: Mr. Maher walked into a bar one night and without any exchange promptly shot Mr. Hunt in the head critically wounding him. Maher then left the premises without making any statement about his why he had done it. It was discovered that Maher had followed his wife and Mr. Hunt into the woods about half an hour before the shooting and that he had taken it that there acts were in the woods were adulterous. After seeing this Maher had someone inform him that said parties were seen having an affair in the woods the night before as well. The defense argues that because Maher’s actions constitute a passionate response not outside the scope of action attempted murder is the incorrect accusation because had Mr. Hunt actually been killed it should be a case of manslaughter and not murder. Maher was not
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