Weekly Challenge Problem #3 - dangerous because you can run...

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ATMS 120: SP2008  Snodgrass  Name: Erin Keegan Section: B Weekly Challenge Problem #3: Altimeters and Pressure Due: Tuesday February 12, 2008 Tuesday in class we discussed how meteorology has its roots in aviation. One of the reasons why meteorologists use constant pressure maps instead of constant height maps is because the altimeters that air planes use to find their height above ground uses pressure to find estimate height. Part 1. Some flight instructors have been known to use the phrase “High to low, look out below!” as a cautionary warning for student pilots when their departure airport reports a higher sea-level pressure than their destination airport. Explain this warning. If you fly from high pressure to low pressure without changing the altimeter, the altimeter reading will not change, but your height will. You will really be lower than you think and that is
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Unformatted text preview: dangerous because you can run into tall buildings or mountains. Part 2. Below is the 24 hr 300mb forecast map valid 12Z (6AM CST). A pilot flew from Casper, WY to Houston, TX, and he set his altimeter in Casper, WY when he reached the 300 mb surface at (8820 m). He flew the entire flight without adjusting his altimeter. What height (in feet) would his altimeter read in Casper, WY? 28,937.01 feet When he arrives in Houston, TX will his altitude have increased or decreased? Decreased How much would his altitude (in feet) have changed? 8820m - 9480m = -660m = -2165.35 feet What is the fastest cross wind he will experience (approx)? What is its direction? 115 knots ENE ATMS 120: SP2008 Snodgrass...
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Weekly Challenge Problem #3 - dangerous because you can run...

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