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Soci201-16 Victor Perez Social Status- position one occupies in society Society and its power over the individual are fundamental assumptions in sociology. Reciprocal Relationship between the individual and society – society exists because of us and we exist because of society. Twenty Statement Test- way of determining an individual’s occupied statuses in society. Social relationships are made, society and cultures create them. C. Wright Mills (1959: 7-8) o On describing the birth of the sociological imagination: “By its use men whose mentalities have swept only a series of limited orbits often come to feel as if suddenly awakened in a house with which they had only supposed themselves to be familiar… older decisions that once appeared to be sound now seem to them products of a mind unaccountably dense.
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Unformatted text preview: Their capacity for astonishment is made lively again. They acquire a new way of thinking…” • The sociological viewpoint is a relatively new one that offers a new way of thinking about old problems o People wanted a new way of understanding the changes that were going on around them. • Unit of analysis in sociology is social interaction • Society follows rules. • Sui generis- of its own kind, society exists apart from the individuals who create it. o Fundamental conundrum of society the idea that society doesn’t exist without you and you don’t exist without society but society exists apart from those who create it. o Society is greater than the sum of its parts. o Reification- when things become real. Rules become real and greater than the individual....
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