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September 11 th , 2006 Soci201-16 Victor Perez Emile Durkheim (1858-1917)- studied suicide rates according to population density o Found that white, wealthy, unmarried, protestant men had higher suicide rates o 1897- published study called “le suicide” o Found that the more social integration and social regulation one had made him or her less likely to commit suicide o Anomie- a feeling of social isolation and normlessness resulting from less social integration and regulation o Over-regulation- society is too powerful that the individual feels crushed o The more freedom one has in society, the less integrated they are socially. o “The only thing that can control an individual is society” All human endeavor is part of a larger social context o Without shared understanding we cannot coexist Social Organization- socially defined reality o Social life is of the symbolic nature o Social definitions guide our lives
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Unformatted text preview: • Anthony Giddens o “Society is a cluster, or system, of institutionalized modes of conduct” (’87) o On the objectivity of sociology: “Sociology cannot be a neutral intellectual endeavor, indifferent to the practical consequences of its analysis for those whose conduct forms its object of study.” • Berger o The Promise of Sociology (’63) o Sociological perspective seeing the general in the particular and the ability to take the role of the other • C.Wright Mills o Social crisis or disruption presents the opportunity to see how social structure works gives us a deeper view and allows for social change Ex. The Great Depression (1930s) people could not help but understand the social influences on their individual lives, employment was seen as a public issue rather than a personal trouble...
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