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September 18th - Dependant-changes as a result of...

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September 18 th , 2006 Soci201-16 Victor Perez Measurment o Validity- truth in measurement If measures aren’t valid, conclusions cannot be valid o Reliability- consistency in measurement In order to have a valid measurement it must be reliable If social phenomena is changing, you will not get reliable results o Operationalize- taking a mental picture and connecting it to a real world observation o Association Two variables that are associated are called “correlated” or “coupled variations” Correlation does not mean causation probability is the only thing you can show with statistics, cannot show causation o Variables Constant- does not change Independent- assumed to have an effect on the dependant variable
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Unformatted text preview: Dependant-changes as a result of independent variable • 3 major research methods o Experiment- best for showing causation Performed under highly controlled conditions Randomization- ensures both groups are similar, provides and unbiased sample Artificial because it is deeply controlled o Survey- questioning a representative sample Sampling must be random and anonymous each element of a population has the same probability for selection o Participant Observation- immerse self in perspective of social life Qualitative way of research Elijah Anderson- Code of the street...
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