Ch2.1 health risk appraisal

Choose myplategov contains a wealth of resources

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Unformatted text preview: ults and children who are overweight or obese. So What’s the big deal? So What’s the big deal? Out of control portion sizes = OBESITY!!! 3. Food Guides 3. Food Guides s Translating scientific knowledge and dietary standards/recommendations into understandable/practical form Food Guide Pyramid: A Guide to Daily Food Choices. ( MyPlate MyPlate MyPlate is the “new generation” food icon to prompt consumers to think differently about their food choices. Choose contains a wealth of resources based on the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans to help individuals meet nutrient and calorie needs and make positive eating choices. Alternative food guides developed: Alternative food guides developed: – The Mediterranean Diet Pyramid – Vegetarian Pyramid – Asian Diet Pyramid – Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight Pyramid 4. Food Exchange System 4. Food Exchange System s Developed (1950) by ADA for use in planning diabetic meals. s Plans meals that simplify controlling energy intake, particularly from carbohydrates s Helps insure adequate nutrient intake s Allows variety in food selection s “exchange list” ­ foods on same list provide similar average of calories, grams carbohydrate, protein, and fat Nutrition Labeling Nutrition Labeling s (1973) ­ FDA established labeling regulations for foods containing one or more added nutrients s Labels or advertising claims about food’s nutritional properties or usefulness in daily diet. Nutrition Labeling & Education Act Nutrition Labeling & Education Act (NLEA) s 1990 ­ NLEA mandated nutrition labeling for all foods regulated by FDA s Authorizing appropriate health claims on labels of such products. Food exempt from regulations: Food exempt from regulations: s plain coffee and tea s spices and flavorings s foods having insignificant nutrition value s ready­to­eat food prepared on­site (deli and bakery items) s restaurant food s Bulk food that is not resold s Small business with food sales < $50k or total sales <$500 k s Nutrition labeling voluntary for most raw foods. END END...
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