Ch2.1 health risk appraisal

Purposeofdietaryguidelines purposeofdietaryguidelines

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Unformatted text preview: s Primarily targets nutrient s associated with nutrition­related health problems (CVD, cancer, stroke, HTN, and diabetes) s 2. Dietary Guidelines (p 39, Box 2.8) s USDA and DHHS have jointly published the Guidelines for Americans every 5 years s 2005 update going from 7 Guidelines to 10 Guidelines, clustered into 3 groups which target individuals. Purpose of Dietary Guidelines Purpose of Dietary Guidelines Basis for federal nutrition policy and education activities. Provides advice for making food choices for a healthy, active life. Reflects consensus of the most current science and medical knowledge . – Internet site Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion (ie . Follow the guidelines and US Department of Health & Human US Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) s First objectives for improving health in 1980. s DHHS reports: Healthy People – Outlined objectives to be met every 10 years for improving the health of Americans. – Major challenge addressing increases in ad...
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