5mm comprising a mixture of seminiferous tubules with

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Unformatted text preview: ight side was a dysmorphic testis (A, bar = 0.5 mm) comprising a mixture of seminiferous tubules with unusually large or small lumens containing germ cells at all stages of spermatogenesis (arrows in B, bar = 20 µm). Ovarian tissue was limited to the animal's left side and contained a number of follicles at different stages seen in two planes of section (A and D). A single mature follicle is seen in A, Left. Higher magnification (C, bar = 20 µm) shows normal theca (T) and granulosa (Gr) cell layers. 4 4/1/13 Gynandromorphic HVc Gynandromorph sex chromosomes Photomicrographs of in situ hybridization in brain sections using Z and W chromosome-specific probes. Autoradiograms were photographed in dark field and then black-white inverted; thus dark areas show label. (A) mRNA encoding the W chromosome gene, ASW, was ubiquitous on the left side but virtually absent on the right. The dividing line of high and low expression is sharp and follows the midline of the brain. (B) mRNA encoding the Z-linked gene PKCIZ was ubiquitous but higher on the right side of the brain, compatible with the idea t...
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