HIST 678 - notes Quiz 3

HIST 678 - notes Quiz 3 - Quiz#3 U.S and the Holocaust...

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Unformatted text preview: Quiz #3 U.S. and the Holocaust Chronology of Major Events 1) 1938 a. Anschluss i. March 1938, Austria ii. Anshcluss means annexation iii. Hitler claims Austria has ethnic Germans and should be part of Germany (1) Hitler marches in and officially annexes Austria iv. 200,000 Jews in Austria (mostly in Vienna) (1) Violence, humiliation, attacks, terrorism towards Jews (2) Generates fear, desperation, everyone is looking to get out b. Evian Conference i. July 1938, Evian, France – Lake Geneva ii. Conference of 33 nations iii. Called by FDR to discuss the refugee issue iv. Debated for 6 days with no conclusion v. Upsetted many editorial writers over false hopes vi. How naive we were for hope (Evian backwards) vii. Beneficial to Hitler (1) No one else wants the Jews, why blame Hitler (2) Hypocrites of the other countries (3) Nazi newspapers had a field day c. Munich Conference i. September 1938 ii. Series of conferences, 3 rd conference in Munich iii. Meeting between Hitler and head of France, Neville Chamberlain iv. Neville Chamberlain gives Hitler Czechoslovakia with no fight (1) Czechoslovakia was created after WWI and was a liberal-democratic state (2) Hitler demands western region (Sudeten land) for his annex, the more industrial part with ethnic Germans (3) Czech looks to Britian and France (their allies) for help v. Policy of Appeasement (1) Hitler’s annexations (2) Czech was the climax of the policy of appeasement (a) Lots of Germans there…maybe Hitler will be happy now (b) WW1 was only 20 yrs ago, we cant handle another war (c) We don’t want the Commys to take over d. Kristallnacht i. November 1938, Night of Broken Glass ii. Started when a Jewish teens parents must stay on the German/Polish border (1) Son shoots first German he sees to bring attention to the plight (2) Hitler uses this as an excuse to punish Jews iii. Destroys Jewish businesses, synagogues, takes people away, some killings iv. Wake up call to the Jews – some begin to fear their lives v. Hitler charged millions of dollars to Jews, claiming they imposed it on themselves vi. Insurance money had to be handed over to Nazis 2) 1939 a. Wagner Rogers Bill i. February 1939 ii. Calls for 20,000 German children to be allowed inside the US, outside of the quota iii. English already accepts 10,000 on the Kindertrain iv. Bill doesn’t even make it out of the committee (1) No one wants 20k jews to grow up and be adults (2) Appalling testimonies b. St. Louis i. May 1939 ii. Voyage of the Damned iii. 900 refugees from Germany attempt to take a boat to Cuba (1) as the boat begins to sail, the Cuban government kept uping the ante (2) boat was not allowed to disembark in cuba (3) sailed to Miami, round the clock suicide watches (a) not allowed in the US (b) sat in Miami harbor for a week until sent home iv. captain was an anti-nazi; did not want them to go back to Germany v. France, Britain, Belgium and Holland agreed to take passengers (1) War broke out, most died anyway (2) British survivors only ones who lived...
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HIST 678 - notes Quiz 3 - Quiz#3 U.S and the Holocaust...

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