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Unformatted text preview: Preparing your Curriculum Vitae (CV) By: Tomasz Z. Jodlowski, Pharm.D. Assistant Clinical Professor St. John's University CPP 1101 Introduction to Pharmacy Practice Learning Objectives 1) Understand the purpose of creating and managing your CV 2) Describe the different parts of a CV 3) Discuss the various tips needed for writing a good CV 4) Understand the basis of a professional interview process What is a CV? Curriculum vitae meaning " Course of Life" Organized outline of professional life Usually used for applying for: Residency Teaching position Fellowships Awards Committee appointments CV vs. Resume Curriculum vitae Organized outline of professional life Includes vast quantity of information Multiple uses Objective statement optional Resume Shorter (12 page summary) Highlights carrier objectives, education & work experience Specific purpose Includes professional objective statement CV and Resume Both: Used as screening tools for employers Quantify your professional accomplishments Are reflection of YOU!! Neither: Will guarantee you the JOB How to prepare a good CV Overview Compile all potentially useful information Divide your CV into sections Select key information Assemble the CV Review, revise and finalize the CV Components of a Curriculum Vitae Heading Contact information Education Training Professional work experience Experiential rotations Licenses/Certificates Research Publications Presentations Organizational memberships Service Honors/ Awards References Not Included Age Height/ weight Marital status/ religion Political/ social affiliations Photograph (unless requested) Reasons for leaving previous position Details of High School career Social security number Writing tips Use clear font Font size Paper Times New Roman, Arial, Courier new, bookman old style Suggested: 1112 White OR other conservative color Header information Use reverse chronological order Most recent old More writing tips Maintain 1" margins Justify Left Avoid graphics Spacing Spelling and grammar must be PERFECT !! It should be neat and attractive Double space between headings Single space within headings Other tips CV should be: Embellish on achievements BUT do not "pad" Be HONEST!!! Be prepared to discuss ANYTHING you write down Informative Clear and easy to read Heading Centered, font size Usually "Curriculum vitae" Full legal name & title Example: Date of preparation OR last updated John Q. Public, Pharm.D. candidate Contact information Current address (left) Permanent address (right) Phone numbers Email Yes: No: [email protected] [email protected] Education Degree obtained Name of institution Location Dates Grade point average Example: 3.5/4.0 Graduated or Anticipated Training List Residency Laboratory assistant Fellowship training Professional Work Experience/ Clinical Experience Dates Job Title (Remember Reverse Chronological Order) Example: Pharmacy intern (FT/PT) Supervising Pharmacist/Employer Major responsibilities Provide some detail, use action verbs!! Licenses and Certificates Licenses Certificates Include States, License number and dates of license List type and dates Example: ACLS May 20062008 Teaching List: Title Dates Name of institution, location Activity / Lecture / Program Example: Assistant Clinical Professor Doctor of Pharmacy Experiential Rotations List: Rotation / Clerkship (individually) Dates Indicate site & Location Name preceptor Brief description of activities (optional) Mention if "not yet completed" Research Do not include if none done If involved, List: Title of Research Mentor/ Investigator Site Dates Note if "research in progress" Publications Include: Articles Books Monographs List using the American Medical Association Manual Style Example: Bucci K, Student JM. How to prepare a curriculum vitae. Am J Hosp Pharm 1993;50:22969 Scientific presentations May include: Inservices Don't forget Speeches Poster Presentations (Nurses, Pharmacists or Physicians) Topic, Location, Audience, Date Organizational Memberships List the organization with dates of membership Sample organizations: ACCP ASHP APhA List any positions held Example: President, Member Honors/Awards Identify: List: Title Sponsor Date Awards Honors Military and civilian awards Achievements Service Include: Dates Service activity (community, professional, other) Location Example: Volunteered as a pharmacy intern in an Emergency Department Continuing Education/ Professional Development Experience Lectures/seminars attended in past 3 years Include: Date Title Location Personal Interest/ Extracurricular Activities Special skills: Knowledge of foreign languages Laboratory equipment Computer programs Statistical software References Consider writing "Available upon request" Can submit separate sheet with listed names and contact information Quantity Who to ask? Prior to Listing a Reference Candidate MUST: Inform references of intent Provide them with a current CV Assess status of the recommendation **Remember: CHOOSE CAREFULLY!!!** More Tips Use action verbs Get help (i.e. reviewers) Avoid wordiness Revise PRN Use a laser printer Consider SJU Career Center Marillac Hall, Room 134 Example: Achieved, Acquired, Gathered, Coordinated etc. Interview Before: Do research Prepare your own questions Be prepared to answer common questions Practice After: Write thank you cards Followup (HOWEVERBe patient!!) What to bring? Slim briefcase/ pad holder with: Pen Notepad Copies of your CV Questions List of references Commonly asked questions during an interview Tell me about yourself? Where do you see yourself in 5,10,15 years? What are your strengths/weaknesses? Why are you applying for the job? Why here? Why should we hire you? Do's and Don'ts Do Dress professionally Be honest Be yourself Listen Be confident Ask questions Don't Be late Talk too much Exaggerate Other..... Additional Interview Tips Cell phone etiquette $$$$$ Handshake Smile Eye contact Language Required presentation Maintain an enthusiastic attitude Remember!!! Interview is used for THEM to evaluate YOU AND For YOU to evaluate THEM References 1. 2. Bucci K. How to prepare a curriculum vitae. Am J Hosp Pharm 1993;50:22969 Reinders TP. The Pharmacy Professional's Guide to Resumes, CVs & Interviewing. Washington, D.C.: American Pharmaceutical Association; 2001 Questions Assignment #3 Write your own Curriculum vitae based on the class, listed references and sample CV (available at HERC OR eReserves OR St. John's Central) eReserves Password: CV Blue Book Link: Use the sample CV as a reference only. This CV may not match exactly the items to be included on your CV. It is meant to serve only as a guide. (Highlight your strengths) Remember, this is ONLY the beginning. It will keep growing with time and experience!!!! Please place the final version in the assessment folder per syllabus ...
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