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HIST 678- final essays - 1) Choosing whatever stories you...

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1) Choosing whatever stories you would like in Flares and also from Gerda Klein, try to illustrate your perspective on the following topics: a. Attitudes and actions regarding Jews on the part of the surrounding non-Jewish populations before, during and after the war . i. Before (1) Flares [17] Fritz Ottenheimer- 1933, neighbor Herr B., joins Nazi party. Frtiz asks why, aren’t all jews in constances are good. “when there’s smoke, there’s fire.” (a) Many followed blindly ii. During (1) Ernest light interview. Marching through town. Different responecs. Good for you jews, you deserve it. Hang in there, the war will end soon. That’s what kept him going iii. After (1) Most of the stories we hear in flares are about helpfulness. Perhaps people felt guilty about the crimes against humanity committed during war and now feel free to help (2) Flares [247] Jack Sittsamer, an Austrian women, Mrs. Weber took in some concentration camp survivors nad nursed them back to health b. Attitudes and actions by Jews regarding physical resistance against the Nazi’s c. Actions by Jews regarding the question of non-violent resistance i. Certain death (1) try to live (2) family to think about ii. nonviolent still causes problems for german warfare, causes damage to troops, supplies, morale d. Randomness of survival during the war i. Never knew what to do (1) Flares [83] F. Ottenheimer. Father was taken by Gestapo, left in car while men went into the store for cigs. Could have run, but didn’t (might shoot, action against family) even though Swiss border was close. Ended up surviving (a) “did my father make the right choice while waiting in the Gestapo car? Today, looking back, we have tons of wisdom about what should have been done. But at the time, we had to make life or death decisions without the slightest idea of what our options were. We guessed. Then we lived or died. e. Support of family/friends in surviving i. Flares intro [143]. “The events in these stories stand for a deep Jewish commitment to the value of family unity, to bonds with no Nazi atrocity could finally break.” ii. Flares [156] Alexander Zwillich, “Next to luck, my parents deserve much credit for my survival of the Holocaust.” iii. Flares [159] Sam Gottesman – Sam smeared food on his jacket and told the SS officer that he spilt his food. Got more, had dilemma of sharing with father (1) “Do I share it or do I eat it all by myself? It was a struggle between my mind telling me one thing and my heart telling me something else. My heart was stronger. Yes, I did share my extra ration with my father. Maybe this was what helped us both to survive the nightmare. iv. Flares [162] Violet Weinberger – “I often wonder if my mother really believed that there was hope- or did she just want us not to give up? If she had survived, I would ask her this question.” f. Difficulties facing Jews upon liberation i. Introducing food (1) Flares [252] – Ernest Light- no one to warn us to overeat. Impossible to resist the urge to eat
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HIST 678- final essays - 1) Choosing whatever stories you...

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