It is the standard method used in diesel engines and

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Unformatted text preview: ethod used in diesel engines, and is now diesel engines and becoming standard for petrol engines. In the diesel engine, oil is injected into the hot compressed air at the top of the second piston stroke and explodes to drive the piston down on its power stroke. In the petrol engine, fuel is injected into the cylinder at the start of the first induction stroke of the four-stroke four ADVANTAGE AND DISADVANTAGE OF DIESEL ENGINE OF DISADVANTAGES: Pressure 2 times higher so this needs strong design Noisy works since greater ıncreament of pressure Work of compression is higher and results shaking Work working and needs higher starter power working In cold weather and high alttitude late working Diesel injections much expensive than carburettor Needs higher air fuel ratio and requirement more air Needs wrt power output and fuel consuming wrt ADVANTAGES: Change of fuel quality there ıs no big problems Change which working safety and reliability.even small water droplets ın the fuel,o...
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