Gasoline types of diesel engines types there are two

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Unformatted text preview: asoline TYPES OF DIESEL ENGINES TYPES There are two classes of diesel engines: There two-stroke and four-stroke. Most diesels generally use the four-stroke cycle, with four cycle with some larger diesels operating on the twotwo stroke cycle. cycle The inline-6 is the most prolific in The inline-6 medium- to heavy-duty engines, though the V8 and straight-4 are also common. V8 straight Four-stroke cycle Four-stroke Two-stroke cycle Two-stroke Intake and compression Fuel injection in diesel engines engines Mechanical and electronic injection Indirect injection Direct injection Distributor pump direct injection Common rail direct injection Unit direct injection Fuel injection in diesel Fuel injection diesel engines engines Injecting fuel directly into the cylinders of Injecting an internal combustion engine, instead of by way of a carburettor. It is the standard m...
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