Bartleby - Bartleby's character in "Bartleby the...

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Bartleby’s character in “Bartleby the Scrivener” by Melville is the complete opposite of what I think any employer would want from their employee: he refuses to work and has very little personality. Although good work ethic may be the complete antithesis of Bartleby, I think everyone comes across a Bartleby when they get out into the work force. I met the man who I immediately associate with Bartleby at my first job in Myrtle Beach. This man possesses qualities of Bartleby because of his initial willingness to get the job done and his lack of enthusiasm and will to work as the job carries on. The Bartleby I know is older and is originally from Morocco. He moved to The United States with his daughter about a decade ago. This man is very lazy and would always find ways to get out of work. When people ask him to do something rather than saying “I would prefer not to” (Melville, 660), like Bartleby, he simply pretends he does not understand what the person says, smiles and walks away. I have heard this man speak
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Bartleby - Bartleby's character in "Bartleby the...

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