Ex simplified french spoken in haiti started out as a

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Unformatted text preview: ns to make a “dialect atlas” Jule Gillieron and Edmond Edmont - 700 interviews to come up with their version called “Atlas linguistique de la Franc” Labov, Ash and Boberg (2005) - came up with “The Atlas of North American English: Phonetics, Phonology and Sound Change” Pidgins and Creoles Pidgin: a simplified form of a language (systematic). Ex. simplified French spoken in Haiti started out as a pidgin Creole: when a pidgin becomes its own languages by developing it own version of the language, it becomes a Creole. Example of pidginization: I will be going to the mall this afternoon - > I going mall afternoon (elimination of words) She had already arrived yesterday when you called - > She arrive yesterday when you call - with pidginization, you start getting...
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