Social dialects slang and jargon two most common forms

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Unformatted text preview: rid of verb endings and simplify words by getting rid of them or making them shorter - when a pidginized language becomes a creole, their own version of verb endings are then added to complexify the language again Diglossia - there are high and low forms of languages called diglossia Ex: High form Low form Greek Katharevousa Dhimotiki (Demotic) Arabic ‘al- fush (classical) ‘al- ‘ammiyah (colloquial) Swiss German Hochdeutsch Schweizerdeutsch (high German) (low German) - high form might be used only when writing and low form would be used only when speaking, for example. Social Dialects - slang and jargon - two most common forms of slang spoken by criminals and adolescents - slangs made up of argots and cants - when adopted by the media and spread out, it becomes a “colloquialism” - comes from the streets, pop cul...
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