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1 Imperialism and Nationalism into the 20 th Century Kunle Atewologun His 102.23 Prof. Freitas 5/12/2009 1
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2 During the late stages of the industrial age that had effects all over the globe, there were two other major movements that were beginning to influence society. The powerful industrialized nation’s use of imperialism had affects on numerous nations. Nationalism also played an important factor in the struggle to gain independence from the powerful nations controlling the ingenious lands. The spread of imperialism and nationalism can be noted for reshaping the current world borders in many countries around the world. This form of new imperialism started in the mid 1800s with the major countries coming from Western Europe, The United States and Japan. These nations were able to gain territory much faster than the previous conquests that happen during the 1600s. More than 150 million people would become under the rule of Europe and the United States (Bulliet 570). There were numerous reasons for theses powerful nations to take over these smaller territories. At the ending turn of the industrial age, countries were beginning to run out of resources to extract from the ground in their own country. Instead of having to pay the high cost of importing raw material sources from other developed countries, the industrialized countries felt that the cheapest method would be to overtake a country and export the materials for free. Politics helped play a role in the rise of imperialism. Many European nations
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hisfinal - 1 Imperialism and Nationalism into the 20th...

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