Lecture 4 April 11, 2013 _Self Awareness_ 3-per-page

These individuals are hesitant about gazing directly

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Unformatted text preview: a threatening gesture. These individuals are hesitant about gazing directly into a mirror. 7 ability to think of another species mental state: Video Animal Consciousness – For example: the chimp knew where the key was but also knew the experimenter didn't so pointed it out. "Theory of mind" Are animals aware of themselves and those around them? 8 Consciousness, Self-Awareness, and the Brain 9 3 The right hemisphere may be linked to self awareness What neural mechanisms subserve the process of self-awareness? The right hemisphere may selectively participate in processes linked to selfawareness What’s the evidence? 10 > Patients undergoing (wada) test Neurology: Self-recognition and the right hemisphere Julian Paul Keenan, Aaron Nelson, Margaret O'Connor and Alvaro PascualLeone, Nature 409, 305(18 January 2001) > Involves anaesthetization (inactivation) of one side of the braing Studied a group of patients undergoing the intracarotid amobarbital (Wada) test. The Wada test involves anaesthetization (that is, inactivation) of one cerebral hemisphere in order to provide information regarding cerebral dominance. 11 Study Design Five right-handed (left hemisphere is language-dominant) patients were shown pictures of faces generated by morphing the picture of a famous person with the patient's own face. > Right handed ( left hemisphere) shown pictures of faces mixed with their own faces. > patients instructed to remember pics after they recover from anesthesia Different pics were presented during anesthesia of the right and the left. > after recovering from anesthesia they had to choose the pics that was show during anesthesia Patients were instructed to remember the picture presented. Different pictures were presented during selective anaesthesia of the right and the left hemispheres. After recovery from anaesthesia, patients were given a forcedchoice task in which they had to choose the picture o...
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