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T-Shirt-Activity-Graphing - 9 Select cells A2 through C16...

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Intro to Business T-Shirt Activity: Graphing Supply and Demand 1. Open Microsoft Excel 2. Save workbook to h:drive 3. Title your spreadsheet “T-Shirt Activity Supply and Demand” across cells A1 through C1 using the merge and center button. 4. Starting in cell A3 enter the dollar amounts 1 through 14 5. Label column B “Demand” 6. Label column C “Supply” 7. Enter the numbers that correspond to you the demand for your group’s shirt in column B 8. Enter the numbers for supply in column C
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Unformatted text preview: 9. Select cells A2 through C16 10. Select the Insert Tab and click on Line Graph 11. Move the chart below the data 12. Using the Chart Tools, click on the Layout tab and add a title to your chart, label the horizontal and vertical axis, and show the major and minor grid lines 13. Lastly, identify the quantity of t-shirts you should produce and the price you should charge by keying in the amounts on the spreadsheet....
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