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group design budget - we’ll just make it up but I...

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Rockwell Medical Technologies Operating Revenue: 28.6 million so if innovated around 34 million(increase without innovation would probably be about 30) Cost of Sales: last year 25.1 million so 28 million Selling, Gen, and Administrative Costs: 2.7 million so 3.2 million By comparing the cost of Rockwell technology we can get an idea of the total cost of innovating hemodialysis -Federal Health Insurance pays up to 80% Medicare for the 30 months -annual cost of 11.1 billion -ersd patients increases from 1991 to 2001:201,000 to 406,000 52 Initial guidelines for budgeting- this part I am somewhat confused about how to approach it. I figured
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Unformatted text preview: we’ll just make it up but I wasn’t sure if it had to correspond to parts earlier But the consumer pays 150 per treatment So I figured you have a project manager with one controlling budget and then two different teams. One concentrating on the engineering aspect working on the centrifuge while on the other side we have a team more scientific and biological changing the set up of the dialyzer. So about 2 million for budgeting and about 250 million for the other teams. Breaking it up for sub-function I kind of have no idea but maybe around 80 million for materials and then the rest for research and experimentation Things to cut are useless materials or budgeting...
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