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ENC 1102 Spring 2008 ANALYSIS: A DEFINITION What is analysis? Analysis relies on breaking a thing or concept into parts. Then, these parts are examined in terms of their function, which is understood to serve the whole. For the purpose of analyzing essays or literature, the parts would consist of, literally , small portions of the text: a moment/scene, a paragraph, a sentence/line, or a key word or term. (These small parts may not all be in one spot.) More than one part may serve a certain function. However, it should be understood that no two parts ever work in the exact same way. In fact, the differences or subtleties work toward developing the main point, the thesis statement, in a sophisticated manner. Analysis always begins with an interpretation, which is merely a means of articulating the function. The parts are examined last. Examination of parts requires constant movement between
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Unformatted text preview: close reading, meaning attention to the text (its word choices, rhythms, etc.), and reference to the abovementioned interpretation and/or function. What is analysis? Analysis is looking closely at something and then showing someone else (the reader of your essay) how its parts work. Analysis is an active interaction between you and the text to be examined. Analysis is the basis of writing an essayacademic or personal. When analysis occurs in the context of personal elements, it is usually called self-awareness. Analysis is the basis of the thesis statement. In fact, a thesis statement only differs from analysis in reaching clearly for something beyond the text to be examined (the universal context Ive mentioned)....
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