Types of solu7on systems system example gas gas air

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Unformatted text preview: . •  A solvent is the substance that does the dissolving. –  Example: Water •  A solute is the substance that gets dissolved. –  Example: Salt in Salt Water •  Water is known as the Universal Solvent because it dissolves more things than any other substance. Types of Solu7on Systems System Example Gas- gas Air Gas- liquid Carbonated beverages like soda Liquid- gas Moist air Liquid- liquid Vinegar (ace0c acid in water) Solid- liquid Sugar water Solid- solid Alloys (steel, brass) Separa7ng Mixtures •  Mixtures can be separated by physical means. •  Separa7on Techniques –  Filtra7on uses a porous barrier to typically separate a solid from a liquid. •  This method is effec-ve in a mixture that contains par-cles of different size. –  Dis7lla7on involves hea0ng the components of a mixture to their boiling points. The substance with the lowest boiling point will vaporize so that it can be condensed into a liquid and collected. •  This metho...
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