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lecture report 1

lecture report 1 - Group 22 Grace Mao Lecture Report...

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Group 22 Grace Mao Lecture Report 1 (Kurtz Lecture) Due: November 8 2007 Modern Medical Practice Biomedical Engineering has become an aspect of modern medicine and has been integrated into the everyday tasks. Modern medicine is dedicated to treating and curing patients with disease and injury. Biomedical engineering assists modern medicine by integrating physical, chemical, and mathematical sciences and engineering principles. It provides new ways to prevent, diagnosis and treat diseases to improve the patient’s health. It provides modern medicine the fundamentals to make the job easier and more effective. There are key technologies in modern medicine related to biomedical engineering. In fact, the key technologies were created by biomedical engineers. The machines for diagnostic testing such as the Optical Coherence tomography and the Flourescein Angiography were created for modern medicine. Therapeutic Interventions such as Laser Surgery, Vitrectomy Surgery, Vitreous Substitutes, and Scleral Buckle Implants all serve the same purpose. It has been biomedical engineering that provided modern medicines with the machines and technologies that allows it to function more effectively. As biomedical engineering becomes more advanced so will modern medicine. Each machine created will further the modern medicine aspect.
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