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Eric Paliuca Lab Section 14 Topic: Syphilis STD’s are an unfortunate, dreaded yet common problem in today’s society. An estimated 1/3 people has or have had some form of STD. Syphilis is one of the less common STD’s with a reported average of about 32,000 cases per year. This disease is a bacterial disease passed through sexual intercourse or in some rare cases from mother to child during birth (CDC). Syphilis cannot be transmitted through inanimate objects such as toilet seats, hot tubs or utensils. Contracting syphilis only occurs from direct contact of a sore which usually occur on the genitalia, but can also occur on the lips and mouth. However, sometimes during certain stages of the disease sores can show up on the hands and feet of infected individuals. There are three stages of the disease; primary, secondary and late. While syphilis is treatable at any point of the disease, if it is not treated, it will get worse. During the primary stage, a single (sometimes multiple) sore will occur at the point of contact. This
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