A commonplace or hackneyed statement or notion a

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Unformatted text preview: spirit. 所有人都喜欢她开朗的性格 【近】 bright, buoyant, gay, jocular, jocund, jovial 【反】 dour, gloomy, morose, saturnine, sulky, sullen 忧郁的 【考法 2】 adj. 无忧无虑的: having or showing freedom from worries or troubles 【例】 He has a blithe attitude about ever having to earn a living because he knows there's a trust fund in his future. 他对生活无忧无虑,因为他知道他的未来有信托基金可以倚靠 【近】 debonair, insouciant, lighthearted 【反】 careworn 焦虑的 blueprint [ˈˈ] 【考法 1】 n. 蓝图,详细计划: a photographic print used especially for architects’ plans 【例】 a blueprint for the new library 新图书馆的建造蓝图 【近】 arrangement, design, plan, scheme 【考法 2】 v. 事先计划: to work out the details of (something) in advance 【例】 blueprinted the schedule of events for the festival right down to the last detail 把 节日的活动的每一个细 节都事先安排好了 【近】 arrange, budget, calculate, organize, frame, lay out blunder [] 【考法 1】 n. 过失: a gross error or mistake resulting usually from stupidity, ignorance, or carelessness 【例】 That's your second blunder today. 这是你今天犯的第二个低级错误了 【近】 mistake, gaffe, lapse, error 【考法 2】 v. 在…方面犯了很愚蠢且通常很严重的错误; 糟蹋: to make a stupid, usually serious error in; botch 【近】 screw up, mess up 【考法 3】 v. 蹒跚:to move unsteadily or confusedly 【例】 Without my glasses I blundered into the wrong room.因为没戴眼镜,所以我蹒跚地走入了错误的房间 【近】 stumble, falter, limp, plod 【派】 blundering adj. 蹒跚行走的 blunt [] 【考法 1】 vt. 使变钝:to make less sharp or definite 【近】 dull, deaden, hebetate, benumb, enfeeble, attenuate 【反】 whet, sharpen 磨尖 【考法 2】 vt. 减弱(力度等) to reduce or weaken in strength or feeling : 【例】 The abrupt music blunted the effect of the movie's final tragic scene. 突 兀的音...
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