Decelerate retard slacken accelerate hasten rush speed

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Unformatted text preview: rtled the other driver 一声尖锐刺耳的喇叭声惊吓到了另一名司机 【近】 bang, boom, thunderclap 【反】 murmur, whisper 轻言轻语 【考法 4】 vt. 炸裂,爆破: to cause to break open or into pieces by or as if by an explosive 【例】 The highway engineers will have to blast that hill in order to put a road through here. 为 了 建 设 一 条 公 路,道路工程师们必须对那座山进行爆破 【近】 demolish, explode, smash, blow up 【考法 5】 vt. 斥责,抨击: to criticize harshly and usually publicly 【例】 blasted the new governor for every little misstep 就每一个小的失误都要抨击新的执政官 【近】 abuse, assail, belabor, castigate, lambaste, scathe, vituperate blatant [] 【考法 1】 adj. 大声喧哗的: noisy, especially in a vulgar or offensive manner 【例】 blatant radios 喧闹恼人的电台 【近】 boisterous, clamant, clamorous, vociferous 【反】 quiet, reticent, taciturn 沉默少语的 【考法 2】 adj. (让人生厌地)惹人注目的: very noticeable especially for being incorrect or bad 【例】 a blatant lie 明目张胆的谎言 || a blatant error in simple addition 简单的加法运算中的一个明显错误 【近】 conspicuous, flagrant, glaring, patent, striking, pronounced 【反】 subtle, unimpressive 细微的 blazon [] 【考法 1】 vt. 使知名: to make known openly or publicly 【例】 Their very public canoodling has pretty much blazoned the fact that they are having an affair. 他们彼 此间公开的亲昵举动让他们之间的恋情大白于天下 【近】 annunciate, broadcast, declare, publicize, proclaim 【反】 withhold 保留,不透露 【考法 2】 v. 修饰,装扮: to make more attractive by adding something that is beautiful or becoming 【例】 The university’s dormitory has been blazoned with banners celebrating graduation. 学校宿舍被那些 庆祝毕业的横幅所装点 Made By Jason & Franklin. This Document Is Strictly Prohibited For Commercial...
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