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Unformatted text preview: ,他那些古怪行为不会给人带来伤害 【近】 harmless, innocent, innocuous, inoffensive 【反】 baleful, deleterious, detrimental, harmful, injurious, pernicious 有害的 berate [] 【考法 1】 v. (长时间)严厉指责:to scold or condemn vehemently and at length 【例】He berated them in public. 他公开谴责他们 【近】castigate, flay, lambaste, scold, rail, upbraid, reproach, reprimand 【反】commend, compliment, praise 表扬,赞颂 Unit 3 BESEECH BLANDISHMENT BESMIRCH BLASÉ BIFURCATE BLAST BIGOT BLATANT beseech [] 【考法 1】 v. (急切地)恳求: to beg for urgently or anxiously 【例】 They besought the military to act immediately. 他们恳求军方立即采取行动 BLAND BLAZON Made By Jason & Franklin. This Document Is Strictly Prohibited For Commercial Purposes Without Authorization. 【近】 appeal, conjure, entreat, implore, petition, plead, supplicate 【反】 demand (依据权力等)要求 besmirch [] 【考法 1】 v. 弄脏,弄污: to make dirty; soil 【例】 besmirched the white bed sheets with their dirty hands 用他们的脏手把白床单弄脏了 【近】 foul, smirch, smudge, taint 【反】 clean, cleanse 清洁 【考法 2】 v. 诽谤,玷污: to detract from the honor or luster of 【例】 besmirch your reputation by fabricating scandals 通过捏造丑闻来玷污你的名声 【近】 defile, smear, soil, stain 【反】 honor 授予荣誉 bifurcate [ɪ] 【考法 1】 vi./vt. (使)分成两支: (to cause) to divide into two branches or parts 【例】 Their visions of the company’s future slowly began to bifurcate. 我们关于公司未来的构想慢慢出现分歧 【近】 divide, diverge, fork 【反】 coalesce 联合 converge 汇合 bigot [] 【考法 1】 n. 固执己见者,有偏见的人: a person obstinately devoted to his own opinions and prejudices 【例】 He is a bigot, or “a slave of dogma”. 一个固执己见的人,换而言之就是——教条主义的奴隶 【近】 dogmatist, partisan 【反】...
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