To measure precisely especially to measure against a

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Unformatted text preview: lar battery booster is a boon for photographers. 这个光伏充电器是摄影家的福音 【近】 gift, benevolence, present, windfall 【反】 misfortune, scourge 灾祸 【考法 2】 adj. 喜欢集体行动的: likely to seek or enjoy the company of others 【近】 convivial, extroverted, gregarious, social, outgoing 【反】 reclusive 隐居 boor [] 【考法 1】 n. 粗鲁的人,不敏感的人: a rude or insensitive person 【例】 acting like boor 表现得很粗鲁 【近】 peasant, barbarian, buffoon 【反】 sentimentalist 多愁善感的人 Made By Jason & Franklin. This Document Is Strictly Prohibited For Commercial Purposes Without Authorization. bootless [] 【考法 1】 adj. 无用的: useless, unprofitable, futile 【例】 The meeting turns out to be a bootless attempt. 【近】 barren, ineffective, futile, abortive, fruitless, vain 【反】 worthy, virtuous 有价值的 这个会议被证明是一次徒劳的尝试 bound [] 【考法 1】 n. 界限: a real or imaginary point beyond which a person or thing cannot go 【例】 The language in the novel really is beyond the bounds of decency. 这本小说的语言实在太不得体了 【近】 environs, limits, confines, perimeter 【反】 unrestrainedness 无边无际 【考法 2】 vt. 给…设置限制: to set limits or bounds to 【例】 The country is bounded by river. 这个国家的领土以河水为界 【近】 limit, demarcate, delimit 【反】 enfranchise, free, liberate 释放 【考法 3】adj. 投入的,坚定的:fully committed to achieving a goal 【例】 I am bound and determined to write a novel before I turn 30. 我下定决心在 30 岁之前要写本小说 【近】 resolute, determined, single-minded, bent on 【反】 faltering, hesitant, vacillating, wavering, weak-kneed 动摇的 【派】 boundless adj. 无边无际、无约束的 Unit 6 BOYCOTT BRAVADO BRACING BRAVURA BRAKE BRAZEN BRASH BREACH BRASSY BREVITY boycott [] 【考法 1】 vt. 联合抵制, 拒绝参与: to engage in a concerted refusal to have dealings with (as a person, store, or organization) usually to express disapproval or to force acceptance of certain conditions 【例】 This brand is being boycotted for damaging environment. 因为破坏环境,这个品牌正在被抵制 【近】 refuse 【反】 patronize 经常光顾 bracing [] 【考法 1】 adj. 令人振奋的,给人来活力的: giving strength, vigor, or freshness 【例】 a bracing news from the frontline 来自前线的振奋...
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