To prevent access to by means of a barricade streets

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Unformatted text preview: 直接用手拿东西吃 【近】 wild, uncultivated 【反】 civilized, decent, decorous 举止得体的 barefaced [] 【考法 1】 adj. 公然的,厚颜无耻的: undisguisedly bold; brazen 【例】 a barefaced lie 一个公然的谎言 【近】 apparent, plain, bald, evident, manifest, obvious, perspicuous 【反】 secret, furtive, clandestine, surreptitious 秘密的 bargain [] 【考法 1】 n. 协议: an agreement between parties settling what each gives or receives in a transaction 【例】 They made a bargain that one would help the other next week. 他们达成了一项协议:下周其中一人将帮 助另外一人 【近】 accord, compact, contract, covenant, deal, pact, settlement 【考法 2】 vi. 讨价还价: to negotiate over the terms of a purchase Made By Jason & Franklin. This Document Is Strictly Prohibited For Commercial Purposes Without Authorization. 【例】 bargain over the price 讨价还价 【近】 haggle, negotiate baroque [] 【考法 1】 adj. 华丽装饰的,过分雕琢,复杂的: characterized by extravagance, complexity, or flamboyance 【例】 a baroque prose 一篇辞藻华丽的散文 【近】 byzantine, complicated, convoluted, elaborate, fancy, intricate, knotty, labyrinthine, lavish, tangled 【反】 austere, plain, simple 朴实无华的 【考法 2】 adj. (程度)过分的: going beyond a normal or acceptable limit in degree or amount 【例】 Eventually even the movie seems bored by its baroque violence. 到 最后这电影也因为其中过度的暴 力元素而显得让人厌烦 【近】 exorbitant, extravagant, lavish, overdue 【反】 moderate, modest, temperate 适度的 barrage [] 【考法 1】 n. 弹幕: a heavy curtain of artillery fire directed in front of friendly troops to protect them 【例】 Troops are advancing under the shield of barrage. 部队在弹幕的掩护下前进 【近】 bombardment, fusillade 【考法 2】 n. 有压倒之势的、集中的倾泻(如言语) an overw...
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