Lecture Notes 2

Lecture Notes 2 - Pascal- Humans not controlled by reason,...

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Unformatted text preview: Pascal- Humans not controlled by reason, he criticized science. The heart knows thing the mind will never know. Says the views of Descartes and scientists are false, 1+1=/= 2. Voltaire considers him as a threat to human kind. Pascals Wager- bet that god exists, win everything/ lose nothing. Spinoza- Pantheism- Thrown out of jewish community because he wants to find the basic ground in which jews and Christians can meet the only place is in science and math. Asks what gives you science, law, order, morality? You find science in nature and not in bible. Pantheism- God is everywhere in everything in all people. Science is important and critical in technologies and society at the time. Governments and kings say science is good because it gives us better weapons. Cannons, guns etc. science is order and law. So kings begin to encourage science- beginning to be taught in universities. Scientific Societies- England 1662- France 1666 Millenarianism - Many protestants were millenarian (expecting jesus to come 2 nd coming, end of earth) the reason there would be no disease/poverty in the 2 nd coming is because of science. EnglightenmentEve 1680-1780s- Science here is safe, seen as a tool for 2 nd coming of christ Philosophes- intellectuals who believed it was there job to make science popular in order to allow people to understand it. Purpose to apply science to society and people. Social sciences. Idea that we can understand how people act and think (psychology) how societies work (sociology) how economics work (economics) science can unlock an understanding of how people work. Baroque- Coffee house- Allowed for discussion among people. newspaper freemasons - talked about how science can be applied to help society/ politics kings should govern by law and not monarch. Did not see contradiction between morality and science. salons Reason Progress Natural law Liberty Skepticism- Bible: bayle- Do not accept authorities. Secularism- Atheism- Religion should always be a private matter. Hume- Deism- Ex: Voltaire. God is like a clockmaker. God designed universe and then stepped out of it to allow it to take its own role. Kings can help make laws of society and then step out of it. Newton- Everything is absolute, there are universal laws you can trust. Time, space. So there might be universal laws in society. Locke- We were all born with a blank slate- Environment structures a person. Key for philosophes--- you chance society, you can change people. To change society you need philosophes--- you chance society, you can change people....
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Lecture Notes 2 - Pascal- Humans not controlled by reason,...

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