Disadvantage bearfullcostandrisk 14 13 12 strategic

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Unformatted text preview: o partner. May not realize experience curve or location economies Shared ownership can lead to conflict. 14-12 11 Wholly Owned Subsidiary Advantages: – No risk of losing technical competence to a competitor. – Tight control of operations. – Realize learning curve and location economies. Disadvantage: – Bear full cost and risk. 14-13 12 Strategic Alliances Cooperative agreements between potential or actual competitors. Advantages: – – – Facilitate entry into market. Share fixed costs. Bring together skills and assets that neither company has or can develop. – Establish industry technology standards. Disadvantage: – Competitors get low cost route to technology and markets. 14-17 13 Alliances Are Popular High cost of technology development Company may not have skill, money or people to go it alone Good way to learn Good way to secure access to for...
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