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Running Head: ADMINISTRATOR Administrator Challenges within the Police Department University of Phoenix CJA/454 December 3, 2011 John Parroccini Administrator Challenges The job requirements of a criminal justice administer in the United States can be extremely demanding. The three foremost areas of criminal justice include the police, courts, and corrections. As an administrator overseeing the police department would be indeed the hardest of the three. Within a police department the chief of police would be the top administrator and in command of administrating the departments policies to officers, detectives, and supporting staff.
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This paper will discuss the roles of a chief of police and the negative and positive aspects he or she may endure. Administrator of a Police Department As an administrator of a police department, the requirements are more than just ensuring the officers follow the policies of that department. It requires the individual to be knowledgeable of federal and state laws, budgets, and public relations and must be able to communicate in a competent fashion in a written and oral manner and be a critical thinker. Other challenges a chief of police can face are ensuring the officers are well trained and have the proper equipment to do his or her job while out on patrol. A chief of police must be an ethical individual and an unbiased individual. Not fulfilling these requirements could result in a crisis situation within the department. The police department is not the only place a crisis can occur when the chief of police is not fulfilling his or her job as described in the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. The public tends to demand the chief of police to provide professional and cost-effective services
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Administrator Challenges Paper - Running Head:...

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