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Br ch3 naoet ch3 h l major hint both of the products

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Unformatted text preview: nt: J and K are stereoisomers; J is racemic and K is meso. Br CH3 NaOEt CH3 H L (major) + Hint: Both of the products (L and M) show an absorbance in the IR spectrum at 1650 cm-1 M (minor) 1) R2BH 2) H2O2/NaOH 3) H+ C (C6H10) D (C6H12O) CH3 R = isoamyl = H3C CH3 E Hint: The reaction with E gives D and other products. H (C13H16) NaOCH3 CH3OH Br HO H CH3 D (C5H10O) 2. Fill in the MAJOR product for each of the following, clearly indicating all stereochemical relationships where appropriate. CH3 H Br H NaOCH2CH3 D CH3 A (C4H8) + B (C4H7D) HINT: In this problem, note that the deuterium (D) is used as a “labeled”...
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