Cpa 02452 choice b is correct a disclaimer of opinion

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Unformatted text preview: ights reserved. Maxixishere Pdf Collection Auditing and Attestation 1 Class Questions 14. CPA-02452 Under which of the following circumstances would a disclaimer of opinion not be appropriate? a. The auditor is unable to determine the amounts associated with an employee fraud scheme. b. Management does not provide reasonable justification for a change in accounting principles. c. The client refuses to permit the auditor to confirm certain accounts receivable or apply alternative procedures to verify their balances. d. The chief executive officer is unwilling to sign the management representation letter. CPA-02452 Choice "b" is correct. A disclaimer of opinion means that the auditor was unable to obtain sufficient appropriate audit evidence to provide a reasonable basis for an opinion, thus, NO opinion is expressed. An unjustified accounting change is a GAAP departure that may result in a qualified or adverse opinion, not a disclaimer. Choice "a" is incorrect. Inability to determine amounts associated with an employee fraud scheme is a scope limita...
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