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SOC 120-01 Introduction to Anthropology Saint Louis University, Fall 2007 Professor MacKinnon EXAM #2 STUDY GUIDE Anthropology textbook (Ch. 7-11) Go over the “Big Questions Revisited”, and “Key Concepts” at the end of each chapter, and pay attention to areas of overlap with the lecture material. Test yourself via the online material, as suggested in class (see topic schedule). Review lecture notes (!) The following is a suggested list of things to know--it is not inclusive of everything covered in class and the readings: Later Hominins; Genus Homo (Ch. 7; lectures; video: Neanderthals on Trial ) *What characterized the earliest members of the genus Homo ? How did they differ from the Australopithecines? GENUS HOMO - Brain size larger than 750 cc, They had the ability to generate and understand spoken language, They could use the hand in a precision grip, they could make stone tools, They had an upright posture, and they had bipedal locomotion. AUSTRALOPITHECINES – Waist up they were somewhat ‘apelike’. They had a smaller brain size. *What were some examples of their tone tool technologies/other cultural innovations? - oldowan tools … characterized by core tools and flake tools. Core tools are made of cobbles which were rounded stones that they chipped flakes off of. A prepared core is specially selected and prepared stone cobble which flakes are made from. Flakes are stone tools are the sharp pieces broken off the cobbles. A biface is a stone tool that has been flaked on both sides. A scraper is a large flake with sharpened edge along one side. There were also hammerstones made of cobble. The razor sharp flakes can cut through animal hide, the cobblestones can break up bones to extract the marrow, and the scrapers are great at removing flesh from bones. *What were some of the “firsts” associated with Homo erectus ? - - first fossil hominid to be to be found outside Africa - first hominid to have a cranial capacity of 1000 cc - first to show controlled use of fire - first to make more sophisticated acheulean tools (e.g. bi-facial handaxes) *Why is Dmanisi, Georgia such a remarkable site? - The earliest unequivocal fossil evidence of hominins outside Africa comes from the site of
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STUDY GUIDE EXAM 2 - SOC 120-01 Introduction to...

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