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Keval Amin Wingate 101 On my new and clean college slate I would like to make many improvements to my old self. I want to be someone who can balance their priorities better compared to my old high school self. Although I did academically well in high school, I now feel like I could have done much better. Looking back on my high school career I can think of numerous occasions where I should have made wiser decisions. These decisions would mostly consist of going out with friends vs. studying. I can honestly say about 65-70% of the time the pendulum swayed towards having a good time rather than studying, so finding and balancing my most important priorities correctly is something I would like to do to change myself at Wingate. Having worked at CVS during most of high school, I had a lot of interaction with the pharmacists that worked there also. The career simply amazed me since the first time I shadowed what a
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Unformatted text preview: pharmacist actually does. The thought of todays technology resulting in a simple form of a pill or capsule that can make someone feel better, or treat disabilities also amazes me. I came to Wingate University to help me with my career goal of becoming a Pharmacist. Every Pharmacist or person with a Chem. major I have met are exceptionally smart, so before I even saw the classes required to become a Pharmacist I knew it would be tough. Looking at my rigorous 2 year planned pre-pharm courses, I know that time management will play a key role in me being successful. Overall, with determination, hard work, and wise time management choices I hope to be successful in my goal of becoming a Pharmacist. I am happy to be at Wingate University and plan on creating many great memories in the upcoming years here....
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