Lecture 7 - Lecture 7 (8/3/07) HISTORY OF FOREIGN POLICY...

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Lecture 7 (8/3/07) HISTORY OF FOREIGN POLICY Washington Warned against entangling alliances (isolationism) 1820s James Monroe- Monroe Doctrine (Secretary of State John Quincy Adams)- keep Europe out of Western Hemisphere Manifest Destiny to stretch America from “sea to shiny sea” Regionalism - not going to interfere with affairs with other faraway countries, but we are concerned with border countries Theodore Roosevelt Settled peace talks with Russia and Japan Gentleman’s Agreement - limit immigration from Far East to United States World War I Zimmerman Letter- threat that Germany would have alliance with Mexico German U Boats sunk many ships which contained American merchants and merchantmen (Lusitania) America enters WWI in 1917 with France and Great Britain, war ends 1918. Aftermath - collective policy Woodrow Wilson proposed League of Nations to meet and work out differences o League of Nations would be part of Treaty of Versailles, does not get ratified by Senate. Back to Isolationism - Coolidge and Return to Normalcy 1928 o Hoover- Stock Market Crash zooming into Great Depression 1896-1930- Republican Dominance 1932- Franklin Delano Roosevelt o Lend Lease Program o War ends 1945 o Bye Bye Isolationism
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Lecture 7 - Lecture 7 (8/3/07) HISTORY OF FOREIGN POLICY...

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