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13/12/2007 20:53:00 A Poet In New York Between June 1929 and March 1930, the 30 year old Spanish poet, playwright, and author Garcia Lorca traveled abroad for the first time. Spending time in New York, Vermont, and Havanna. "A Poet in New York", his collective experience of his travels is a condemnation of modern materialistic civilization- emphasized by the spiritual and physical emptiness in New York, a triumph of human spirit and hope as well as an exploration of ones self. Lorca explores three major themes in his collection, social injustice, forbidden love, and lost faith. Commonly alienating his poet, lending to the very isolated and “me against the world” feeling. Poet in New York' condemns capitalist society and all it entails; the degradation of nature; indifference to suffering; the materialistic corruption of love and religion; and the alienation of social groups. Divided into 5 sections Lorca creates a stunning social commentary on the New York City of his time, one wich is relevant today and will continue to be for years to come. Lorca introduces his “novel” with the section entitled “Poems of Solitude” in which he conveys a clear confusion and disbelief for the city of New York. Having just left home and arriving in a foreign land the poet is thrust into a world he is unaccustomed to. Lorca creates surreal images and forms only to destroy them later within his poem. This creation and destruction signifies the separation of the poet from the spiritual images and ideals from home. At this point the poet is not focused on the city, these are poems of lonliness and homesickness. He is yet to experience the suffocation of the city.
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It is not a simple transition for Lorca’s poet from one world to another. Lorca’s poems rely on surreal ideas and images to create the magical spirituality in his “poems of solitude”, drawing heavily on the imaginary to portray and contrast his current situation. His world is void of imagination, spirituality and pleasure. The world he has discovered in New York is one which is suffocating and lonely, however, it is not the city that is suffocating him, at least not yet, for now it is own longing for home,and lonliness that darken his spirits. Lorca’s opening poem Back From a Walk portrays a feeling of hopelessness and conformity, “With all that is tired, deaf mute, and a butterfly drowned in an ink well”(5) the monotony and dryness of his surroundings his killed the poetry, drowning them in the very ink from which they were penned. In the same poem Lorca describes “limbless trees that cannot sing” and “broken headed animals” surreal images lending to the idea that in order to touch the reader they must be broken or exhausted, relating the emptiness of Lorca’s poet. This is the first time the Poet is introduced as a warrior, he is alone, feeling an
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lorca final paper - 8:53:00 PM A Poet In New York Between...

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