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Bronx River Controversy

Bronx River Controversy - Bronx River Controversy The Bronx...

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Bronx River Controversy The Bronx River located in New York flows for approximately 24 miles through the southeastern corner of the state. Originating in the Kensico Reservoir of Westchester County the river flows through many northern suburbs and eventually empties into the East River between the neighborhoods of Soundview and Hunts Point. Early on in the industrial age the Bronx river became a heavily used natural sewer into which thousands of gallons of industrial waste was poured daily. The river is to this day still recovering from the adverse affects of past mistakes, however, it is making rapid progress toward recovery and rejuvenation. Early on in the industrial revolution, around the turn of the century the Bronx River was the site of many industrial factories, each producing and eliminating unheard of amounts of toxic pollutants and harmful chemicals into the river daily. Little was done early on to regulate the emissions of these factories and even less was done to eliminate them. The river itself was openly accepted as a natural sewer system existing for the progression of industry. Pollution was excused solely on the grounds that the Mills producing and eliminating waste into the river were necessary for economic advancement and often times the war effort. As early as 1905 the dumping of garbage into the river had
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killed much of the marine life and crippled the condition of the water. The combination of increased dumping and decreasing sea life only furthered the need to re-habilitate a river that had long been abused. Increase in industry and urban sprawl still to this day threaten the delicate existence of the Bronx River, however, community groups and many grass roots organizations are doing their best to fight back and re-claim a devastated eco-
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Bronx River Controversy - Bronx River Controversy The Bronx...

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