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Syllabus (Psyc 013-12) - Development Psychology Psychology...

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Development Psychology Psychology 13, Section 10 Fall, 2007 Professor: Yeshashwork Kibour, Ph.D. Office: Psychology Department, 2125 G Street Room 102-E Telephone: (202) 994-6326 Email: Office Ours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 11:00 am – 12:30 pm Teaching Assistant: Claudia Reyes Office: Psychology Department, 2125 G Street Room 409 Telephone: (202) 994-7009 Email: Office Hours: by appointment Class Meets: 9/4/07 – 12/10/07 1957 E Street, Room 212 Blackboard Website: Check regularly for class updates and files Goals: This class will introduce students to the field of Developmental Psychology. Developmental processes will be examined from the prenatal period through adolescence. Genetic and environmental factors that foster changes in thought, language, emotions, self and relationships will be discussed. Required Text: Hetherington, E. M., Parke, R. D., Gauvain, M., & Locke, V. O. (2006). Child Psychology: A Contemporary Viewpoint (6 th Edition, updated). New York: McGraw- Hill. Required Reading posted on Blackboard: Carlson, V., Cicchetti, D., Barnett, D., & Braunwald, K. (1989). Disorganized/ Disoriented attachment relationships in maltreated infants. Developmental Psychology , 25, 525-531. Dailard, C., & Nash, E. (December, 2000). State responses to substance abuse among pregnant women. The Guttmacher Report on Public Policy , 3(6), 3-6. Denham, S. A. (1986). Social cognition, prosocial behavior, and emotion in preschoolers: Contextual validation, Child Development , 57, 194-201. Erikson, E. (1968/1982). The Life Cycle. In J. Gardner (Ed.). Readings in Developmental Psychology (pp. 3-12). Fraiberg, S, Adelson, E., & Shapiro, V. Fraibert, S., Adelson, E., & Shapiro, V. (1987). Ghosts in the nursery: A psychoanalytic approach to the problems of impaired infant- 1
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mother relationships. In L. Fraiberg (Ed.). Selected writings of Selma Fraibert (pp. 100 – 136). Columbus, OH: Ohio University Press. Henry, B., Caspi, A., Moffitt, T.E., & Silvia, P.A. (1996).
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Syllabus (Psyc 013-12) - Development Psychology Psychology...

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