compare and contrast 1 - Roozbeh 1 Arash Roozbeh Sharon...

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Roozbeh 1 Arash Roozbeh Sharon Ammon English 1301-4 12 October 2006 Persian-American vs. American Many people in this country have never noticed or realized how lenient the rules here in America can be. Both teenagers and adults take advantage of the laws, rules, and regulations set forth, not only by our government but by our parents as well. Although, for me, growing up as a Persian-American I have been fortunate enough to see two sides of this world: the modern, fast- pace society of America, and the conservative, slower-pace society of none other than Iran. My family’s culture and customs that have been kept from Iran to America are simply the way I have been raised; not so much the whole aspect of the culture, but the stricter rules I abide by. Rather than those of my American friends who can do a lot of things and be a lot of places I cannot. Lately I have been finding myself wondering why my American friends have parents that to me seem like they don’t care as much. Well I have found that it is not that they don’t care; it’s just that they are more lenient. With both my mother and my father being born in the foreign country of Iran, I have been raised with different morals and guidelines than most of the people that I have encountered. To me the difference that I find in my life and that of others is huge, but to my parents and some friends, it’s all-relative. The relativity of growing up as a Persian-American and as an American is usually
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compare and contrast 1 - Roozbeh 1 Arash Roozbeh Sharon...

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