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STUDY QUESTIONS FOR CHAPTERS 1-4 CHAPTER ONE 1. According to Sayre, what are the 3 steps in the process of "seeing"? - Reception to Extraction to Inference 2. Jasper Johns' work Three Flags could be considered demeaning of our national symbol to some viewers. Why? - The flags become smaller and smaller as you look at them. This, in turn, would entail that our national identity is becoming smaller and smaller. 3. The Spiral Jetty is an unusual type of artwork and fits into a unique category of sculpture. What is that category? - A Natural Landscape 4. Wu Chen's painting The Central Mountain is based in part on a traditional system of beliefs that references the "relationship of opposites." What two terms are attached to this belief system? What is the medium of Wu Chen's painting? - Yin and Yang are the two terms attached to this belief system. The medium that’s was used in Wu Chen’s painting was ink on paper. 5. Faith Ringgold's God Bless America features references to an American Flag. How has Ringgold used the stripes of the flag? - Ringgold used the stripes on the flag as bars on a prison cell. 6. Objects that are created purely to simulate a sense of beauty within the viewer could be described as ____________. - Aesthetic 7. Albert Bierstadt's The Rocky Mountains doesn't really represent a specific location in the American West. What was Bierstadt's inspiration for the scene? - Bierstadt’s inspiration for the scene was the European Alps. 8. What new painting medium was introduced to Aboriginal painters in 1971? - Acrylic was introduced to Aboriginal painters. 9. There are two basic processes to seeing. The first is _____ and the second is psychological. - Physical 10. In Childe Hassam's Allies Day, May 1917, and Jasper Johns' Three Flags, what is the same: subject, form, or content?
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- The subject is the same in both paintings.
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