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Globalization - Globalization in our day and age is slowly...

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Globalization in our day and age is slowly taking over our economic market. The extent at which our country is doing business in other countries is remarkable. The work that is involved in making these beads that are so meaningless in our country is just ridiculous, and the way these workers are treated is unfair. Even when some people are exposed to what is going on in China they still turn their head and completely ignore what is going on in countries like this for things we destroy in America like ‘Mardi Gras’ beads. I have been to ‘Mardi Gras’ celebrations previously and thoroughly enjoyed myself, never even thinking once about where the beads that I was throwing out and wearing around my neck came from. It truly was a culture shock after watching “Made in China: Mardi Gras,” to see the way people in China work for just 10 cents an hour and the way they get treated over there is really an eye opener. On top of everything they are working in these conditions just for the beads most of us end up throwing away. But what can we do to
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