Development - Development Epigenetic landscape (Conrad...

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Development Epigenetic landscape (Conrad Waddington) "Nature-nurture" problem - Is a trait due to heredity or to the environment? Sometimes, the problem is stated as maturation vs. enculturation. Identical vs. fraternal twins -Develop from a single fertilized egg (identical genes) vs. Developed from 2 eggs and share half their genes. Smoking during pregnancy - increase probability that their babies will have health problems early in life. Conduct disorder Effects of drinking during Pregnancy- Fetal alcohol syndrome : Stunted growth of head and body, malformations of face, heart, ears and nervous system damage including seizures, mental retardation learning disibilities Capabilities of newborns - Vision -spend a lot of time looking at human face patterns (different from adults though). Hearing -Increased sucking rate when hearing sound Learning and memory - respond to their mothers voice. Things they are familiar with. Cross-sectional vs. longitudinal studies
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Development - Development Epigenetic landscape (Conrad...

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