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Ecological Footprint p346

Ecological Footprint p346 - Ecological Footprint p.346...

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Ecological Footprint p.346 Justin Beale 1. In order to produce the same amount of semi-skim milk and whole milk different amounts of land are required. Less land is required to make an equal amount of semi-skim milk because whole milk contains the full fat content of a cow’s milk where as semi-skimmed milk contains only about half. In semi-skimmed milk they are able to produce more milk wasting less land because the milk fat is taken out of the milk to create semi-skimmed, and then the left over whole milk is able to make more semi-skimmed. 2. What the author means by the last sentence in the interpreting your footprint is that what is describe is similar to the trophic levels of a vegetarian diet. In a vegetarian diet you are eating from the first level of the biomass pyramid, which provides more food because it goes directly from the first level to second level which is the vegetarians. In a meat-based diet humans are eating the second level which means there is less food and energy transfer from the first level of the
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