2012-10-02 Turorial on Response 2000 Metric


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Unformatted text preview: Define Concrete Section Rectangle Section (input b = 300, & h = 600) Select OK To define the concrete and reinforcement material properties Define Material Properties Concrete ‐ Detailed f’c (input “cylinder strength = 35 MPa”, “tension strength = 3.5 MPa”, make “Tension Stiffening Factor = 0”, Select Base Curve = Parabola or Popovics, “Peak Strain = 0.002”Select Modify or Add and then OK) (iv) (v) Define Material Properties Non Prestressed Reinforcement ‐ Detailed fy, set yield & ultimate strength to 400 MPa Select the cross‐section icon (beneath the word loads at top of screen) to review input & calculated values Solve Full or Sectional Response” to solve Problem 1. When asked about leaving off tension stiffening, select “Yes” May wish to Select “More Detail” a Few Times, Review effect of this on predicted response (i) (ii) Problem 2: Determine Mcr and φcr of the Transformed Section with three 20 mm diameter bars (work from #1) (i) Define Longitudinal Re...
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