2012-10-02 Turorial on Response 2000 Metric


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Unformatted text preview: ature Response Problem 6: Determine As,min of the Section so that My > Mcr Use section from problem #2, #3 or #4; To define the longitudinal reinforcement: Define Longitudinal Reinforcement Individual Layers (input Number of bars = 1; Select bar by area, Bar designation/area = trials; Distance from Bottom = 65 mm). To calculate the As,min of the section, the procedure is iterative. First, input an initial guess (trial) of the bar area; then obtain the sectional response and observe the “Control M‐Phi” graph, and follow the iterative procedure shown below: If (Cracking Moment) > (Yielding / Ultimate Moment) increase the reinforcing bar area If (Cracking Moment) < (Yielding / Ultimate Moment) decrease the reinforcing bar area If (Cracking Moment) ≈ (Yielding / Ultimate Moment) OK. (~End of Iterations). Solution to Problem 3. Compare with hand calculations 2 Problem 7: My and φy of More Heavily Reinforced Section (with five 32 mm diameter (Area = 804 mm ) bars) 2 Repeat problem 3 with five bars each with an area of 804 mm Problem 8: Determine As,max Use similar...
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