2012-10-02 Turorial on Response 2000 Metric


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Unformatted text preview: is is where the steel first turns red). The yield point is somewhere between this point and the previous value. Alternatively, select the “1 Strain” feature from the Solve menu and then enter the yield strain (in millistrain) and its distance from the bottom of the section (2, 65) in this case. Compare the solution with the first method. 2 Problem 4: Solve for Mn and φn of this section (with the three 20 mm diameter (Area = 314 mm ) bars) Use section from problem #2 or #3; After solving several times, obtain the moment and curvature when the top strain = 0.003. These values in the ACI code would be their nominal strength and associated curvature (Mn and φn). They could also be found using the “1 Strain” solution method using the inputs of ‐3, 600. Compare with the first method. Problem 5: The Effect of Axial Compression on Moment‐Curvature Response Use section from problem #2, #3 or #4; Goto Loads Loads Enter a Constant Axial Load of ‐1000 kN. Conduct Sectional Analysis; Review Influence of Axial Compressive on Moment‐Curv...
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