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Unformatted text preview: ssue is being studied. • This results in sometimes strikingly different conclusions than those generated by traditional forms of analysis, especially when what is being studied is dynamically complex or has a great deal of feedback from other sources, internal or external. Traditional Thinking vs. Systems Thinking • A high‐functioning system continually exchanges feedback among its various parts to ensure that they remain closely aligned and focused on achieving the goal of the system. • If any parts or activities in the system seems weakened or misaligned, the system makes necessary adjustments to more effectively achieve its goals. 5 18/02/2013 The Systems Thinking Approach Question: What is the most important element in an enterprise? Identification of System Thinkers A system thinker: • Considers the short and long term implications • Seeks to understand the big picture • Observes how parts of systems change over time‐patterns & trends • Recognises that system structure generates behaviour • Identifies the circular nature of cause and effect relationships • Tests assumptions • Considers everything before a...
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